Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Testimonials very much welcome here, thank you. :)

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About The InCognita Girl.

This site is started by Grace, on 9th JANUARY 2009.

We organise Taiwan Sprees on a regular basis and do join us ! :)

InCognita: A woman or girl whose identity is disguised or concealed.

An avid spree-er myself, I absolutely love to to online shopping. Not only the quality is good, they are really cheap as well. Where else can you get clothes priced at $10 - $20 in Singapore with reasonable quality? :)

Hence wanting to do this myself, I spent a few weeks researching, on how to organise sprees, how to deal with the merchant etc. Until finally, I've decided it's ready to start off. :)

The InCognita Girl is my baby, I'm extremely proud and ecstatic on how far she has achieved.

Of course it could not be done without the constant supporters of TIG, my dear customers, who came back each time I went on hiatus. Lub you babes (assumming all are girls), I appreciate your support !

Please do support our sprees, I promise it's one of the best rates you can get in the Blogosphere. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008


Why are you accepting Flat Handling Rate, instead of the fixed Shipping and Handling fee like others ?

This has been the most frequently asked question. We work on flat handling rate to promote spree-ers to buy in a larger quantity. If you get all your calculations right, you will trust that we offer one of the best rates in town actually.


Jane bought 3 apparels from a blogshop offering $3.50 fixed shipping and handling fee per item.
Assumming that the total NTD amount is 800 NTD.

(800 x 0.05) + ($3.50 x 3) = $50.50

Jane bought 3 apparels from us

(800 x 0.05) + $2.50 [Flat Handling] + ($2 x 3) = $48.50

Who gets the better deal? You see it for yourself.

The more you buy, the handling fee spreads over a larger quantity. Get it? :)

How long do the items take to arrive?

Sprees usually have a waiting period ranging from 2 weeks to 2months. Please be prepared to wait for your items as we have no control over the restocking process of the items. Spree updates will be done in a regular basis hence please do not worry.

How do I check on the status of the spree ?

Simply look at the spree status at the left side bar. Viola !

How do I track the items ?

You may go to this website and paste the tracking number in the box to track it's status. http://www.speedpost.com.sg/TrackAndTrace.asp

However, if the items have yet arrive in Singapore, you may go to this website
to track it's status in Taiwan.

Oops, sorry, I've changed my mind and decided not to order these items, can they be cancelled?

Yes, if payment has not been made for these items, yes you may cancel them. Of course we need a detailed explanation from you too. (just kidding.)

Jia lat, I state the wrong size for my items ! Can I edit the orders?

Yes, of course you may ! We do not want you to regret purchasing an item, so please edit them if you've changed your mind before we send in the orders.

Is normal postage safe?

We strongly recommend Registered Postage which comes with an additional fee of $2.25. It works like an insurance for your items, it will never go missing as it comes with the power code, also well known as the tracking number.

We are not responsible for lost mails, but if you have opted for normal mail and yet to receive it after 2 - 3 working days, do inform us and we will give a ring to Singpost and track it down.

My item came in wrong colour, defects ! HOW ?!

Sorry we will not be responsible for any wrong colour, or defects shipped in by the Merchant as we are not the ones committing the mistake.

Jia lat, I've transferred payment to the wrong bank account number. HOW?!

Please called up to your bank IMMEDIATELY to cancel your payment, like NOW. ><

How come the item I received looks different as shown on the website ?

The items shown in the website are usually taken under strong lighting to make them look more appealing to the customers. We are not sure how the items will turn out after they arrived too, so please buy at your own discretion.

All my items are Out Of Stock, do I get my handling fee back?

Yes, a full refund will be given if your items are out of stock. :)

I would like to do a Self-Collection, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. Please let us know and we will inform you of the address.

Lastly, can I ask for more discounts, pretty please? *batters eyelids*

Only spree-ers buying 15 items and above, we will be able to offer you the supply rates. Which is the waiver of handling fee. You just have to pay for the shipping fees. :)

Other than that, no more discounts, please refrain from haggling, this put us in a very awkward situation. The InCognita Girl reserves the right to reject your orders whom we feel uncomfortable dealing with. Sorwee.
Please complete the order form as below and send it to the.incognitagirl@gmail.com (if you are unsure, please take a look at the sample below)

We will send you a confirmation email after we have received your order form.

Collection mode: Postage/Meetup please state

Item name:
Price in NTD:
Alt Colour or size if item is OOS: or state DNB (Do not buy)

Payment: (Price in NTD x 0.05) + $2.50 (flat handling fee) + (respective shipping fee x the no. of items) =

Order Sample

Name: Tan Ah Gao
Mobile: 8888 8888
Collection mode: Normal Mail

Item name:
【凱蒂菈克的貓】GHECKER 370741 復古輕便皮革雙層斜背包.2只免運
Color/Size: 咖啡
Price in NTD: 199 NTD
Quantity: 1
Alt Colour or Size if item is OOS: DNB
Payment: (199 x 0.05) + $2.50 (flat handling fee)
+ (respective shipping fee x the no. of items) = $14.95
Handling and Shipping

A flat handling fee of $2.50 will be collected for all spree-ers, regardless of how many items you ordered.

Shipping fees per item

Accessories/Shawls/Leggings - $1.00 per item
Tops/Shorts/Skirts/Wallets - $2.00 per item
Jacket/Jeans/Denim Apparels/Pants/Dress/Long Skirts - $3.00 per item
Shoes/Bags - $3.50 per item

ALL payment to be made POSB Savings Account No: 131 - 42747 - 6

We only accept iBANKING and ATM transfer ONLY.

You may choose to queue up at any POSB branch and deposit the cash through the bank tellers if you do not own an ATM card or bank account.

Below are the various Collection Methods.

Normal Postage
Registered Postage @ additional of $2.25
Meetup at AMK MRT only (Every Sunday @ 12.30pm and Wednesday @ 6.30pm)
Self-Collection (Let us know so that we can arrange.)

Please note that postage fees are collected after the items have arrived so that we can weigh the items and advise accurately on the amount.

Terms and Conditions

1. NO PAYMENT, NO ORDER applies to all spree-ers

2. There will be FULL refund if all the items in your orders are Out of Stock (OOS)

3. Please do not join if you cannot wait or uncomfortable with the sprees' reliabilities.

4. No cancellation of orders once the spree is closed.

5. Please be patient and I will update immediately after the merchant side has updated me.

6. The items may not be as pretty as shown in the pictures, please purchase with your own
judgement and discretion.

7. I will not be held responsible for any defects or wrongly sent items from the merchant side .

8. I will not be held responsible for any loss of mail if you choose Normal Mail.

9. Registered Mail is strongly encouraged.

10. Uncollected goods after 1 month will be confiscated as we do not own a warehouse for your items.

11. The OrangeBear reserves the right to reject orders which I am uncomfortable in dealing with.

12. Lastly, please do not join if you do not trust The OrangeBear for your spree dealings. (: