Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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Plus Size Clothes


Free Size Clothes
OB design購物網

Announcement #1

Do take note that items from sprees are not instocks and order only if you are comfortable in waiting and not urgent in getting the items.

Restocking/waiting time for items to arrive can range between: 2.5 weeks to 2.5 months. This depends largely on the merchant's side hence please place orders with us if you are comfortable in waiting, thank you. :)

Announcement #2

Good news for all plus-size ladies looking for trendy and affordable clothes. :) We have decided to cater a site solely for OrangeBear and E-Style Orders, a spree site which sells mainly Plus-Size Clothings and also a relatively wide range of Free-Sized Clothings as well.
Please click on The OrangeBear if you would like to order from OrangeBear and E-Style Spree.

  • Paid orders will be sent in immediately.
  • Batches will be shipped out on every Monday/Tuesday.
  • No capping, it will be an ongoing spree.
This platform is for all OrangeBear and E-style lovers so that we can consolidate better and to put more focus there. :D