Friday, November 30, 2007

Announcement #1

The Incognita Girl is BACK BACK BACK BACK. :D

Yups, that's all for the first announcement. We certainly hope you miss us !

Announcement #2

We no longer accepts delayed payment for spree.
Sorry, but sadly quite a few have taken us for granted and to be fair for ALL spree-ers,
we have decided that only full payments will be allowed.

T/C No.1 will stand firmly.

Similarly, flat rate of $2.50 applies firmly to all spree-ers.
(plastic bags, sorting materials, transport cost, inflation, blood, sweat = $ too!)

Sorwee we can't let this go on anymore,
need your understanding here please, thanks ! (:

Try to bribe and be our BFF and maybe we'll consider. ;D

Announcement #3

We have received feedback from some spree-ers to abolish
the flat rate per spree-er and increase the shipping fee per item so that those
purchasing fewer quantity of items be of advantage.

Go weigh the pros and cons and
cast a vote in the poll at the side, TYVM ! (: