Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baimomo SPREE #4 [COMPLETED] Paid Orders to be in by 31st July 2011.


3rd Aug: Orders sent.
5th Aug: Orders received. Awaiting for payment details.
11th Aug: Payment details given. Will be making payment tomorrow.
12th AUG: Payment made. 6 items in restocking. 

3rd Sept: Last item in restocking. 
12th Sept: Items finished restocking. Awaiting for tracking number.
17th SEPT: Tracking No: CC233765174TW 
23rd SEPT: Items arrived. Spree-ers mailed. 

Capping @ 15 items or will close on 31st July.

Winnie - 2 items [PAID]
Yuki - 3 items [PAID]
Chloe - 1 item [PAID]
Pearlie - 4 items [PAID]
Xinru - 2 items [PAID]
Juanny - 3 items [PAID]
Liyana - 4 items [PAID]
Carol - 4 items [PAID]

Exchange Rate: 1 NTD = 0.05 SGD

Click HERE for the Order Form, thank you.

Handling Charge: $2.50 FLAT fee per spree-er regardless of how many items you

Shipping charges as below.

Accessories/Lingerie (Shawls/Lingerie) - $1.00 per item
Tops/Shorts/Skirts/Wallets- $2.00 per item
Sweaters/Jacket/Denim Apparels/Pants/Dress/Long Skirts - $3.00 per item
Shoes/Bags - $3.50 per item
Boots/Oxford Heels/Wedges - $4.00 per item

Payment: (Price in NTD x 0.05) + $2.50 (flat handling fee) + (respective shipping fee x the no. of items) =

Please provide your Initial Nick and Transaction Reference after payment.

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